Sunday, 8 March 2009


I'm sorry.
I'm leaving you.

I solemny pledge that I will, should something remarkable happen, post stuff about it on my tumblr. So I guess...I can...move that project over there?


Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I have deserted this blog. And I apologize.
I haven't had a remarkable day. I've had a remarkable WEEK. Actually, it's more than a week now. It started early, way too early one Tuesday morning, after 10 glorious minutes of sleep, and it just WON'T STOP! Every waking moment is remarkable.\

FlyingFlying Tetris movies Michael Cera London L.A. free juice moviesMOVIES sleep Air sleep Adam Green sleep breakfast Auckland walk breathe checkIn wait fly muesli Christchurch 6hours sun KnightRider 9hours CodyCODY! (3am) This is your room codysmumcodyssister sandwiches stirfry Yes Man HPHBPtrailer credits laps^^ Baz xbox home Death Proof (4am)/

and that's only Tuesday till Saturday (yes...I can't be bothered writing everything else up like this. but trust me. it's been remarkable)

C.'s presence makes me smile.
It's sunny outside and inside.
I love this.

It's gonna take ages for me to get over this, I can tell.
And I don't really mind...not yet anyway.

Saturday, 31 January 2009



I'm strangely happy. I don't know why, something just....shifted. The blinds haven't been fully opened to let the sun in yet, but it feels like someone cleaned the windows.

Banging on my rusty cradle bars.

It's 1pm. I have to be in town in 2 1/2 hours, and until then I still have to
.clean my room (and I mean REALLY clean it, it's gonna stay this way for the next MONTH!)
.put clothes on.

Oh well.
I'm on a high.
Uni is over, NZ is just around the corner, everything is fantastic.

Thursday, 29 January 2009


My betreuerinee stayed the night and we talked until half past 2 and I convinced her to wag.

No, really.

It was remarkable. Adam Green and clouds and so much to study, so much, honestly I don't know how I'm ever gonna fit it all into my head. Tomorrow, 8am, last exam. That rhymes.


4 remarkable days and 21 very, very remarkable hours left until I leave. *eep*

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Remarkably absent.

The past days have been remarkable in too many ways.
I got pulp'ed, I had my first exam, I craved meat.
I talked and I laughed and I worried. I'm so obsessive it's insane.
My sister e-mailed me.
I ate amazing salad.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Over sometimes.

On the outside I was calm and tetris-like and tired, but on the inside I was asking myself one question over and over again. And it was answered. And Simon knows what I'm talking about because of the title of this entry, so I won't go into much detail even though Simon doesn't read this blog.


I got enough sleep :)

And I'm going to study today. Yep. That is the plan.

In related news, I didn't drink last night *whoop* which I'm proud of. Not really, but it's a start. A start to a life without feeling like I'm missing out on things.
Not that I don't like drinking. I do. Sometimes. I just didn't want to be hung over today. So I just didn't drink. Growing up, I guess.

Saturday, 24 January 2009


My mum sent me food. I love it.
I haven't really been eating healthy stuff lately... seeing as I mainly eat noodles, tomato sauce and toast. So I complained to my mum about it ^^ and she sent me the most gorgeous steak I've ever had in my life. It was glorious. It was. Amazing. I haven't eaten meat much lately either so I'd been craving one of those gloriously tasty steaks for a while now. Mmmh.
Headache is subsiding, which is good.
I slept until 3pm today.
I got an e-mail from my sister today and she's all good :) yay.

Right. Off to the Taverne zum güldenen Bären, where my friends are waiting for me.
That's right, I have friends. 3.